OmnisTAP Diagnostics and Code Coverage

Published 19 March 2018 by Alex Clay

By popular demand, I’ve added a series of diagnostics to command-line runs of OmnisTAP. These diagnostics are detailed on the OmnisTAP wiki. The most popular request has been to measure code coverage, which is part of these diagnostics.

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A call to arms

Published 27 October 2017 by Alex Clay

Euromnis 2017

Last week I was privileged to attend my first EurOmnis conference, and even moreso humbled to be invited to speak. Thursday evening featured an annual general meeting for OmnisWorld, the not-for-profit organization that organizes EurOmnis. One of the topics raised was using the new JSON export feature in Studio 8.1 to share Omnis code on GitHub. Specifically, the community would like to see Omnis as an officially-recognized language on GitHub to boost awareness, add syntax highlighting, and generally establish our development platform as legitimate within the largest hosted service for source code management.

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